The Ultimate Guide to Moisturising Your Hair

Hydration is vital to pursuing happy and healthy hair. For women across Australia grappling with dried-out, breaking strands and itchy scalps, finding the right moisturising hair product is like finding a needle in a haystack. Enter Microtexx’s Moisture Active range, bringing you Australia's best hair moisturising product. We’ll walk you through the Australian-sourced ingredients formulated to rebuild your hair cortex strength and rebalance your scalp’s PH.

Let’s look at a hair moisturiser, how to moisturise your hair, the benefits of using a hair moisturising protectant and treatment, and Microtexx’s Moisture Active range.

What is a Hair Moisturiser?

Like your skincare routine, the hair and scalp often need help replenishing moisture and locking it in. Hair moisturiser is designed to fortify strands and restore vitality to your hair. In Australia, the sun is quite intense on our delicate hair; coupled with the wind and other environmental factors, it is challenging to keep your hair hydrated. For all these reasons,  many women use hair moisturisers to replenish hydration and maintain the health of their hair, regardless of whether they perceive themselves as having dry hair/scale or not.

The Benefits of Using a Hair Moisturising Product and Treatment

The benefits of incorporating a hair moisturising product into your regimen extend far beyond the surface level. Using a hair moisturising shampoo will not only treat your hair strands with essential hydrating ingredients, fortifying them against environmental aggressors and heat styling tools, but also assist your scalp in maintaining its optimal oil levels for healthy growth. The hydrating ingredients in the moisturising hair treatment help you say goodbye to frizz, split ends, and lacklustre hair and hello to hair that exudes health and vitality. 

Microtexx's Hair Moisturising Products and 4-Step System

Microtexx’s unique 4-step system is designed to simplify your hair care routine and deliver results that will truly moisturise your hair. We are a salon-first brand, which is why our customers notice salon-quality results. With a solid commitment to quality and performance, the Microtexx Moisture Active range comprises micro-formulated ingredients engineered to be the best moisturising hair product. 

Microtexx's 4-Step System For Best Moisturising Hair Treatment

Trust us, following this simple system will transform your hair. No more half-used shampoo bottles that over-promise and under-deliver!

Step 1 - Cleanser: Begin your ritual with Microtexx's cleansing formula, gently purifying the scalp and strands without stripping away any precious moisture.

Step 2—Milk: Nourish and hydrate with Microtexx's indulgent milk treatment, which infuses every strand with moisture-rich goodness.

Step 3—Protection: We’ve treated and nourished the hair; now, let's protect all that hard work! Microtexx's protective barrier shields hair from the rigours of the Australian climate and heat styling tools, ensuring lasting vitality and shine.

Step 4 - Reconstructive and Serums: Seal the deal with Microtexx's reconstructive serums, harnessing the power of nature's finest ingredients to restore, strengthen, and revitalise your hair from within.

Why Microtexx is the Best Hair Moisturiser

What sets Microtexx apart in the crowded landscape of hair care? At Microtexx, we hold ourselves to a salon standard, not a mass-consumer shelf standard (IYKYK). We’re committed to high-quality hair care products that are not only used in over 170 salons across Australia but also a product that anyone can learn to use at home. With cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products made in Australia, Microtexx emerges as a hair brand dedicated to delivering the best for its salon partners and customers. 

Embrace hydration's transformative power, and try Microtexx's Moisture Active range. Say hello to a future where every day is a good hair day, courtesy of Microtexx and its moisturising hair treatment products. 

Shop the Moisture Active Range now and journey to radiant, revitalised hair! You deserve it!