Do you cleanse (wash) your hair twice?

Why cleanse the hair twice? 

The first shampoo wash will remove dirt and residue caught up in the hair, while the second wash will help your locks benefit from the nourishing properties of the shampoo.
Microtexx cleansers contain delicious food for the hair, enriched with aloe vera, marine collagen, panthenol, avocado oil, green coffee extracts, quinoa, wheat, corn proteins just to name a few. 

Leaving the second lather on for a minute will allow these beautiful ingredients to feed each hair strand, the hair will become a lot stronger, shinier and healthier. Cleansing the hair twice also makes the hair feel thicker, and more voluminous which are all the signs of healthy hair. It also creates a better surface for the steps 2, 3 and 4 to work and be absorbed.