Did you know your hair can get sunburnt?

Can the sun harm our hair? The answer is yes, your hair can actually get sunburned as easily as your skin! Damaging UVA and UVB rays from the sun and indoor lighting penetrate the hair shaft and can cause lightening, colour fading, split ends, dulls the hair, tangles and split ends. In severe cases, it can burn your scalp and lead to hair-loss.
Summer has arrived which for many of us, means spending more time outside. As we activate our skin care plan to protect ourselves against sun damage it’s important to consider including our hair in our plan! 
The team of at Microtexx have put together their top 3 tips on exactly how to protect your hair and scalp from the sun this summer.

1. Use hair heat protectors 

 is so important to have a range of protectors that fight against sun, wind and heating appliances. Just as your skin, hair can become burnt and damaged by the elements of artificial lighting such as office and home.
Hair and skin are both made up of keratin, skin is a soft keratin and hair is a hard keratin. Skin, being a soft keratin will continually rejuvenate with the process of skin shedding to ensure a fresh and reinvigorated skin cell form. When the skin is damaged by the elements it heals itself naturally through this process.
Hair, being made up of a hard keratin does not get the luxury of cell shedding to rejuvenate itself so needs a helping hand. Our Microtexx experts have ensured our product formulation protects the hair from all elements, including inside and outside influences and exposure.
The Instant Creme Protector and Instant spray Protector from Australian owned and made Microtexx range contain crucial botanicals that gives the hair shaft the protective coat of armour required to protect from these elements.

2. Cover up 

Try wearing a sunhat or a head scarf to protect your hair from the wind and help your scalp retain moisture (especially for those of us who have colour-treated hair).

3. Wear your hair loose 

Like our skin, the sun can dry out our hair when we’re in the sun so it tends to lack moisture and become dry and more brittle making it easier to break!
Wear loose styles like these featured on realsimple.com to avoid unnecessary breakage.
The Microtexx range is made in Australia, by Australians, and developed for our indoor and outdoor lifestyle. Our cosmetic chemists have listened to what our family of hairdressers have been asking for.